MIT solve challenge 

My pitch:

My challenge:

 The problem:

The stigma of mental illness is extremely prevalent and often controls the lives of the people who suffer from it––even before it has taken root. People who suffer from it are labeled based on this one aspect of their lives and everything else is overshadowed or ignored, including their passions, talents, ambitions, and achievements. It is difficult for people to understand what they have not experienced, so those who are struggling feel as if they are alone and have no one to turn to.

Why my solution will solve the problem:

Stigma and mental illness is largely a societal issue. It is possible to prevent or solve these psychological problems beginning with discussion, understanding, and problem-solving. We are both a collectivist and individualist society. Working together as a community is the most effective method to fix this problem, and each individual’s aspect of compassion will be able to work together creatively and solve it.

My solution:

I believe that the most effective solution to this problem is to bring it out into the open where understanding, resolution, and prevention can take place. Creating both a Harkness Method community setting and a social network platform online will help build connections.